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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

An exclusive from your old pal Fyodor!

As you might have heard, America's favorite TransFascist Germaine Greer In Drag lost her/his/its gig at the National Security Council and I'm going to tell you why. The following is a small excerpt from an interview GGID did with Rash Dimbulb that was never meant to see the light of day. Apparently, the two corpulent fascists spent a drug and booze fueled weekend somewhere in Florida recently and between bouts of truly disgusting sex they produced this horror show. Yep, you heard me right. This is what passes for pillow talk with our moral and intellectual superiors. Just pray the video never gets out.

Rash Dimbulb: So, babe, what's shaking? Besides that sweet ass of yours, of course.

GermaineGreerInDrag: "Well, Rash after much genital-searching I am proud to proclaim myself a Bi-Fascist American! It means I can and do and will literally and figuratively screw anyone anywhere anytime and for any reason. I'm inclusive like that."

"However I cannot absolutely rule out evolving toward Pan-Fascism which means I would get to screw anything as well. But that's a bit much for a simple girl like me at this point in my life. I'll leave that up to Great Men like Big Orange. (Giggles.)

RASH: Do you really get to call him Big Orange?

GGID: Oopsie! I guess the pussy's out of the pouch!

RASH: Speaking of pussy...did you know that Germaine is my 47th favorite babe name and my 211th favorite dude name?

GGID: Talk about inclusive! I didn't know you swung that way.

Rash: After last night, you're one to talk.

GGID: Oh Rash you know I'm married to the cause. There is only one set of genitals that will ever satisfy the fascist in me!

Rash: Don't sweat it babe. I've got all kinds of wives coming out of my glorious naked formerly nicotine stained ass.

GG: (giggles)

Apparently, this thing has been circulating on Liberty Net for days. I'll keep checking for more. You'll need to bring your own vomit bag, kiddies.

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