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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The limbo contest has been cancelled.

It's just a metaphor, and probably not a very good one, but it's the only one that might get through to today's attention span deprived kiddies.

    [In case you were wondering, here's a link to "metaphor". Do people still wonder, kiddies? Do they ponder? I know that wondering and pondering and other antisocial behaviors are officially frowned upon, but it has always been this way. I don't blame any man for shutting his mouth and locking down his imagination in public. He could be ridiculed, fired, or even killed.

     But what about privately? Do people take Jesus' advice on prayer and take their REAL thoughts and concerns to a closed room in their home where only the Father can hear? Of course, in this case only your spouse might hear.

     I remember stories about people enslaved in the USSR and eastern Europe who had to keep up two personas, a public one that was meek, submissive, and obedient and a private one that was true to who they really were. The psychological toll of this was devastating. Is this the price we must pay for civilization? Did cavemen have to lie to each other outside the cave to avoid being murdered? I know Rousseau's answer, what with his noble savages and what not. (Even though he never used that term.) But he was a real dumbass.

     Yes, gadflies are a real pain in the ass, but not having ANYONE question ANYTHING is surely worse. Remember, kiddies, old Socrates was much smarter than Rousseau.

     So endeth today's first digression. It seems to be a very inconclusive one. I am not certain I should apologize for that...]

     Back to my imperfect metaphor of the limbo contest. (I'm going to assume...never mind. Time is short and every man is ultimately responsible for himself.)
     The Limbo Contest has been cancelled because the bar is too damn low and nobody is able or even willing to raise it. Not a single soul can physically, metaphysically, morally, or spiritually get under that bar. That much is certain.

     What is less certain is how America's bar got to be so low. I have dear friends who sincerely believe themselves to be "conservative" and yet they not only voted for A Cockjerk Orange, but believe it is their "Christian" duty to support this perverse madman no matter what it says or does.

     I'm being kind. They actually think it is the ONE CHOSEN BY GOD. If they mean it is like Attila, the scourge of God, well, yeah, I get that. But that is not what they mean.

 I'm pretty sure they don't teach such things in schools these days. At least you kiddies know Hannibal was from Africa. I suppose that is better than nothing. St. Augustine of Hippo? Nary a mention.

I have just stopped myself from swerving into Digression #2. Call it 1 1/2.

The False Conservatives, the Clumpskyites, and the Establishment have joined forces to drum into the heads of We The Sheeple (You know, their moral and intellectual inferiors.) that at least IT ISN'T HER. Oh, joy! Our limbo stick is now in the dirt and every fascist, creep, kleptocrat, pervert, vainglorious moron, psychopath, sociopath, and wannabe god or goddess is now legitimately considered leadership material.

This is what happens when you lower your bar into the muck, kiddies.

What to do, what to do, what to do...

I know what your ol' Uncle Fyodor's going to do, but let's talk about your options, kiddies.

The most important thing is to distract your soul (and conscience) so they don't notice you have given up and don't give a damn about how low your bar is. Reading Winnie The Pooh stories is an excellent choice if you are a good kiddie. If you are a bad kiddie, you are probably too busy masturbating (or its digital {Hee-hee. Get it?} equivalent, social media, to be reading this in the first place.

"But Fyodor, those things won't raise the bar."

No duh.

Civilizations that drop their bars into the shit don't ever pick them up. Those civilizations die and often quite horrifically. If you care to read about this, there are oodles of books on...

Hee-hee. I am a silly fellow indeed.

Kiss your wives and kids goodnight and tell them all is well.

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

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