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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Guess what happens when clueless false conservatives vote right-fascist in order to "win"...

Why, you get fascism, of course.


Read exactly what's included in GOP's health care bill - KCRA.com


Republican leaders embarked on an ambitious plan Tuesday to try to sell their new health care proposal to rank-and-file lawmakers and the public, absent specifics on costs or how many Americans will be covered.

President Donald Trump's early morning tweet praising "our wonderful new Healthcare Bill" started off the day, and GOP leaders planned a news conference to promote the plan ahead of Wednesday's committee action.

The new bill aims to replace "Obamacare" with a system designed along conservative lines...

Ha! This is pure Repansycanism, kiddies. Know nothing, do nothing, and hope the suckers out there are too busy masturbating to notice. The only way you can call it "conservative" is by comparing it to the full-on socialized "medicine" it supposedly replaces.

Creeping socialism is still socialism, dumbass.

I know you imbeciles who voted for this lame-brained pervert will never apologize to those of us who smelled a big government lying-ass rat from the beginning. The question is this: Will you have the stones to beg for the forgiveness of your children and grandchildren?

Click here to read the full health care act

Oh, yeah. Did you notice how the Repansycans are crowing about "allowing" the American people to read the bill before they vote on it? How pathetically low the bar is now in our former republic...

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