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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Is a little fascism a good thing?

How about less fascism than we have now, with a promise by politicians [hee-hee] to get rid of all the rest of our current fascism after they consolidate their great "win" and make sure Clump The Limp will be elected in another landslide?

If you think you have heard this one before, kiddies, you're right. Its the "lesser of two evils"/"politics is the art of compromise" dodge that does nothing but ensure that fascism grows more slowly. Brilliant!

Any fascism, left or right, is too much. Any totalitarianism, left or right, is too much. Any authoritarianism, left or right, is too much. These things are not just unacceptable, the are un-American, inhuman, and immoral.

I know there are too few people with principles for this to be fixed without great hardship and bloodshed. It did not have to end this way, but this is the way we have chosen. Whether by sin of commission or sin of omission, we have all sealed the fate of what is left of Western Civilization. Something will emerge from the carnage, and there is absolutely no way it will be as good as that which we have squandered.


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