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Friday, October 19, 2012

Yet another reason to vote for FREEDOM instead of COMMIE SLAVERY.

New American Energy Opportunity Foundation 

When it comes to energy, NAEOF asks ‘what’s to debate?’ It’s obvious that President Obama’s restrictive energy policies have raised the price of gasoline and killed jobs...

Here are some facts about the Obama administration’s restrictive energy policies:
  1. New leases for energy development on federal land are down 50% from Presidents Clinton and Bush;
  2. Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada was halted, despite estimates from Obama’s own state department that it would create more than 5,000 new jobs;
  3. The offshore drilling moratorium was effectively reinstated, overruling bipartisan action by a Republican president and Democratic congress to let it expire;
  4. Land available for energy development in the National Strategic Petroleum Reserve-Alaska has been cut in half (over the objections of the Governor of Alaska and the Alaska delegation);
  5. Moratoriums and permitting delays in the Gulf of Mexico have reduced oil production there by 22%;
  6. Leases for the development of oil shale were suddenly withdrawn because the seven year environmental review process that preceded the sales was said to be “rushed.”
  7. New restrictions on the use of hydraulic fracturing were issued by the federal government despite Obama’s own EPA finding no evidence of pollution from the use of hydraulic fracturing.
  8. The Obama EPA has claimed the authority to regulated greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, setting the stage for massive new layers of restrictions on domestic energy development;
  9. The administration is proposing new tax increases on domestic oil production which will overwhelmingly target small businesses in the energy industry;


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