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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moon Nazis.


From IMDb:

Iron Sky (2012)

The Nazis set up a secret base on the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018... 

No, kiddies, it's worse than it sounds. 

When you get a bunch of Finns, Germans, and Aussies together to make a sci-fi "comedy" about lunar fascists trying to take over Earth, you can't help but make a mess that is way too self-consciously dumbass. Check out the carnage...


Iron Sky - enter the official site

Iron Sky: The First Four Minutes - YouTube

It's part Star Wars® rip-off, part attempted political and social satire, and all pathetic. It is this kind of movie that gives dumbass films a bad name.

Memo To Would-Be Filmmakers: If you want to make a Nazi farce to try to prove you are oh-so-clever and have something important to say...STOP! The Producers (1968) [not REPEAT NOT The Producers (2005)] said it all.

Fyodor's Rating: 1/2 cannolo [cannolu for you Sicilians] out of 5




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