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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Hey Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Martin Murphy! Penn State has a high-level opening for you.

Jerry Sandusky should have moved to Brooklyn.

From one of the few outlets that bothered to mention this horror story, the New York Post:

Sweetheart deal for molester 

Not even the sickening sight of a child molester professing his love for one of his tormented victims was enough to undo a sweetheart plea deal.

So, despite the pleas of the victim and prosecutors, acting Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Martin Murphy stuck to the two-year sentence he’d offered a serial pedophile.

Andrew Goodman pleaded guilty last month to 48 felonies — “even more than Jerry Sandusky,” as his victim pointed out.

And prosecutors were prepared to seek a seven-year sentence on each count.
But Murphy last month dangled the bare minimum in front of Goodman — who quickly snatched what even his own lawyer called “an amazing deal.”

With time already served, Goodman could be back on the street by September.
In court yesterday, the 27-year-old predator declared an undying love for his victim, who — along with his brother — was molested for “a torturous four years.”
“Every second of every day, all that I think about is [the victim],” Goodman declared. Then he turned to the youth, now 17, and said: “I love you.”

Talk about inappropriate — even Murphy seemed to understand that.

“Your statement that you made today was ill-advised, to say the least,” he said.

 Holy crap! That judge should be jailed too.

But the judge wasn’t sufficiently moved to undo the damage he’d inflicted.

Not even after the victim pleaded with Murphy to show no mercy for this “devil disguised as a human” — adding that “no doubt [Goodman] will try to do the same thing to other children once he gets out.”

Goodman’s lawyer, of course, couldn’t be more thrilled. His client is “very happy to put this behind him . . . and hopefully get on with his life.”

Too bad the victims can’t say the same.

What was this judge thinking?

Murphy wouldn’t say.

The jurist has a history of dispensing bizarrely lenient sentences; perhaps not coincidentally, he spent 20 years with the Legal Aid Society and was named to the Supreme Court by current state Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman.

That, clearly, was a mistake on Lippman’s part — one that he can easily rectify by:
* Using his authority as New York’s top supervising judge to require Murphy to explain himself.

* And then transferring him permanently to noncriminal duties. Let him shuffle papers in Civil Court.

Not a perfect solution, but at least he won’t be turning any pedophiles loose.

Wait just a darn minute. Does America's first sodomite president know about this?


A Brooklyn child molester who was given a two-year prison sentence by a judge in a shocking sweetheart deal was smacked yesterday with federal charges that could lock him up for life.

Unrepentant perv Andrew Goodman (pictured) — who creepily told his trembling teenage victim, “I love you” at his July 12 sentencing before state Supreme Court Justice Martin Murphy — was charged by the feds with having sex with the same boy in a New Jersey hotel room in 2010, then taking him to a Kid Rock concert in Atlantic City.

If convicted of transporting a minor over state lines to engage in sexual activity, Goodman would serve a mandatory minimum of 10 years. He could face up to a life sentence.
“It is an incredibly serious charge,” said Assistant US Attorney Tyler Smith. 

 May God bless United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Loretta Lynch for charging Gold"man". However, her chance at a Supreme Court nomination in a Democrass administration just went down the crapper.

“The case against the defendant is also incredibly strong.”

Murphy’s lenient punishment — and Goodman’s outrageous courtroom antics in front of his victim — drew fierce criticism when the 27-year-old was sentenced for molesting the now-17-year-old boy and his brother over several years.

“He’s shown himself to be essentially remorseless,” Smith said, noting how Goodman professed his undying love for his victim at his sentencing, a gesture that drew gasps of disgust.

Goodman was arrested in 2010 and could have completed his sentence by September.

“I don’t think he saw this coming,’’ said his court-appointed lawyer Michael Padden. 

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes, who strongly opposed Murphy’s sentence, applauded the move to nail Goodman on federal charges.

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