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Friday, July 27, 2012

To Glenn Beck et al.: Wrong church, right pew.

Glenn Beck Restoring Love 

Mr. Beck has picked up on an excellent idea, but hardly a novel one. Doing good works is as old as the Sermon on the Mount. [Appy-polly-loggies to our Jewish brothers, whose tradition of charity is even older. But even they have to admit that second generation carpenter from Nazareth took it up a notch.]

Beck's stated goal is to effect change by changing hearts, one person at a time. A noble goal inspired by noble sentiments. I applaud everyone involved in "Restoring Love" who is giving of himself to help the poor and needy. God knows we have plenty of those here in Obamastan.

Sadly, the goal of changing our decadent and corrupt nation will elude these well meaning citizens. They are doomed to fail because they are not equipped to succeed. In fact, the vast majority of them are no doubt infected with the exact pathogen that has landed us in our current dire condition.

I am speaking of the heresy that goes by the very, very broad name of "protestantism". [Mr. Beck himself is a convert to mormonism, which is a heresy on top of the ordinary prod heresy. Double secret heresy? Meta-heresy? Whatever you call it, he's even more messed up than most.] Once again I must issue my standard disclaimer on this subject: I have nothing against politically friendly forces per se. Most of the attendees in Dallas will vote to send the jug-eared one back to the oblivion from whence he slithered and I thank them for that with all my heart.

But that is not enough, not even by Beck's own standard. He has said this is not about politics, but love. [I'm willing to take him at his word, though I doubt he will mind if his devotees vote anti-commie.] Last week he said a revolution was a bad idea and I agree. The days of succesful armed insurrection against First World governments is long past. The technology of mass killing is firmly in the hands of the oligarchs and even the so-called "assault weapons" [Real assault weapons are fully automatic. That means they are machine guns, kiddies. They have not been available to the hoi polloi since the days of John Dillinger.] so vilified by the fascist left are worthless against modern armies.

The "protestant" heresy elevates individual will over the Will of God. [At the exact same time it denies the existence of free human will. I know, I know. You try making sense out the babblings of the arch-pervert Martin Luther.] In practice, this means when push comes to shove, these heretics can and do rationalize sin out of existence if doing so helps silence their consciences.

I'm not talking about a sin here, kiddies. I'm talking about Sin. We're all sinners who rebel against God and His good order all the time. The problem comes when you pretend a sin is no longer a sin because you enjoy it [fornication, for example] or it makes your life easier [abortion]. Try reading some some books on history with this in mind.

Of course this isn't an exclusively American phenomenon, it's the human condition. Without the strictures of God's Word and the tradition of His One, True Church guiding our application of it to our individual lives, we are lost.

The bottom line? Your will is defective and prone to error. Your conscience can be stifled and shouted down. Don't be afraid to listen to 2,000 years worth of men and women who were [and are] inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Come home to Rome, kiddies. Our doors are always open. We can't promise earthly success and you might be killed by those who hate the Faith, but who wants to be a slave to this world anyway?

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