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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Mel Crapper, Jr. of Political "Science"...

...or, "Pay no attention to the man behind the polls."

In case you don't know, Mel Kuiper, Jr. is ESPN's NFL "draft expert". He created the position out of thin air and became rich without knowing a single thing about anything except self promotion.

G. "Wizz" Terry Madonna has done the exact same thing with political polling. 

From TPM:

Pennsylvania Poll: Obama Leads Romney By 12

 Once upon a time, kiddies, Unoriginal G. was a knownothing PoliSci prof at a D- II public university in Amishland. He used the serf kids in his classes to do polls and convinced one of the local yokel TV stations to put him and his polls on the air. Of course, he was labeled an "expert" so the peons would think ol' G. was chock full of gravitas.

After a couple of years of this nonsense, the Wizz was hired by Franklin & Marshall College, an elitist D-III institution in Lancaster, PA. [Rich kids without the grades to get into Ivy League schools go there.] Along with a bump in pay, G. got himself a whole bunch of establishment street cred and now you'd think he was the only person in the Commonwealth who knows anything about politics.

At least that is what the chattering classes want you to think.

As Rick Santorum reminded us a couple of months ago, G. is nothing but a failed local Democrass pol. [He couldn't even win the one Lancaster County Commissioner seat guaranteed to go to the top Democrass vote-getter.]

So the next time you see a F&M poll announcing the primacy of crony communism in our Commonwealth, remember that little Terry just made it all up so he could pretend to be a big shot.

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