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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The top 10 reasons why losers, dopes, dolts, commies, nazis, and racists hate [read FEAR] Herman Cain.

10. Mr. Cain is a real mensch.
9. Mr. Cain has the "slave blood" in his veins Benito Insane Hussseiner only wishes he had.
8. Mr. Cain has an undergraduate degree in mathematics, not Commie-Unity Organizing.
7. Mr. Cain has a Master's Degree in computer science, not Commie-Unity Organizing.
6. Mr. Cain has had several real jobs and was very successful at all of them.
5. Mr. Cain has never stolen a dime of anyones's money and bought votes with it.
4. Mr. Cain's mom worked as a maid and his dad worked as a janitor.
3. Mr. Cain knows it's okay for you to believe in God and own guns.
2. One compound word: Anti-Romney!

And the Number 1 reason why losers, dopes, dolts, commies, nazis, and racists hate [read FEAR] Herman Cain is...

Mr. Cain is not REPEAT NOT a politician.

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