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Thursday, September 01, 2011

The People's House bitch-slaps Barry into next week.

The same thugs who cry about the "imperial presidency" every time a Repansycan occupies the White [Racist.] House have a cow when anyone stands up to their favorite fascist.

From the Commie News Network:

Boehner Disses Presidency, And Obama Takes It

The way I see it, House Speaker John Boehner's eloquent letter to President Obama requesting he push back his address really could have been summed up in two words-- screw you...

From The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News:

Washington Freaks Out Over A Petty, Day-Long Dispute

Wednesday was is sort of like watching a reality TV show about a strange subculture, like rich housewives or Jersey Shore vacationers or sorority girls. One of the joys of watching those shows is when one person violates the strange little rules of the group -- rules that are alien to the rest of us -- and everyone totally freaks out over what looks like a minor misstep. On Real Housewives of New York, for example, it's against the rules to bring up a fight at a party. When one housewife does it, the rest freak out. Then they take refuge in the mantra: "This is not the time, nor the place."

Obama and Boehner both violated Washington norms yesterday. The White House says it alerted the House to his speech request, and, as spokesman Jay Carney said on Morning Joe, "No objection was raised. The letter went up." But a Republican aide tells NBC News' First Read that Obama only gave Boehner 15 minutes before he went to the press. Politico's Mike Allen explains, "White House and Hill officials from several eras tell us these things are normally worked out privately between the two ends of Pennsylvania Avenue before either side goes public with a date." A Boehner staffer huffed to Politico's Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Allen, "It’s unfortunate the White House ignored decades -- if not centuries -- of the protocol of working out a mutually agreeable date and time before making any public announcement.

But Democrats counter that it was Republicans who violated tradition. Presidents George W. Bush and Clinton got the dates they wanted without a fuss; so did Obama in 2009. A Democratic staffer explained to Politico, "Yes, consultation always occurs, but the President always gets the date he wants." A Democratic strategist to the New York Post that Boehner's pushback was "incredibly disrespectful." Even so, members of Obama's own party were annoyed he broke another rule: giving them a heads up. A Senate Democratic aide told Politico it was "pure Obama -- keeping us in the dark until the last minute."

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