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Monday, August 08, 2011

S&P knows Dope & Mange when they smell it.

Bolshevik The Clown, the dirty little lyin'-ass bitch in the White [Racist.] House, terrorized decent people for weeks with his jive [Racist.] about how the debt ceiling had to be raised to prevent this exact thing from happening.


Remember, kiddies, terror is a form of social control and you are being controlled.

***UPDATE*** from Roto-Reuters:

Wall Street slide broad-based, volume high

Here's three from AP via Yahoo! News:

US markets fall sharply after S&P downgrade

S&P downgrades Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, home-loan debt

The dopiest & mangiest's mangy little lapdog Rabid Axlefraud howled at the moon and soiled the carpet...

White House advisor: Tea party to blame for U.S. downgrade

More from everywhere:

Obama officials attack S&P's credibility after downgrade - roto-reuters.com

Treasury Takes Exception at S&P's Math
- bloomberg.com

Obama Ally Blames Tea Party as Geithner Blasts S&P - businessweek.com

S&P Action Clouds Obama Re-Election Bid as It Damages Congress - businessweek.com

S&P spurs blame game
Still, it was hard not to read the S&P analysis as a report card on Obama’s oft-repeated pledge to cure Washington’s hyper-partisanship...
- politico.com

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