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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Left-Fascist Coup D'Etat Foiled In Wisconsin! [For now.]

From Mark Whittington at Yahoo! News:

Wisconsin Elections Vindicate Gov. Scott Walker

The happiest man in the wake of the failure of the public sector union backed effort to seize the Wisconsin state senate for the Democratic Party is Scott Walker, that state's Republican governor, swept into power in the 2010 midterm elections.

Walker, whose reforms that curbed the power of public sector unions to collectively bargain, has been the object of hate by unions that represent government bureaucrats. Twice, the public sector unions have tried to punish Walker, in a special election for a state Supreme Court justice and now in a recall election in which three Republicans in the state senate needed to be knocked off, but only two were.

Having struck at the King twice and failed to kill him, Walker's enemies are mulling over the possibility of a third try, a recall election against the governor himself, timed it is hoped to coincide with the 2012 election. The idea that such a recall election would drive Democrats to the polls, hopefully knocking off Walker and delivering the state for Obama.

There is, as one might imagine, a fly in that ointment. Obama himself is a grave jeopardy of losing the 2012 presidential election. A bad economy, the S&P downgrade, and persistent unemployment have combined to create Obama fatigue. There is a growing sense that the man may not be up to the job of governing the United States.

Thus, it may well be that the 2012 election will drive Republicans and independents to the polls in Wisconsin, not only denying that state to Obama, but confirming Walker in office.

Walker can, after all, contrast his performance to that of Obama's, closing rather widening budget deficits, holding the line on taxes, reforming government. Walker's approval numbers may be low at the current time, but when the realization sets in about how splendid his reforms have performed, he may well be unbeatable.

The dream candidate to run against Walker, former Sen. Russ Feingold, must be mulling those considerations. Feingold has already been rejected by the people of Wisconsin by virtue of having lost his senate seat in 2010. Another state-wide election failure would further taint his brand. Feingold, who is also mentioned as a possible primary opponent for Obama by liberals discontented with the president's failure to enact their entire agenda, may just one to sit this one out.

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