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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hee-hee. Rick Perry knows how to push the establisment's buttons.

From The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News:

Rick Perry warns Fed's Ben Bernanke of 'treason'

Republican Presidential nominee Rick Perry spoke in Iowa tonight and had some nasty words for Ben Bernanke. Think Progress first reported Perry's unusual words for the head of the Federal Reserve. Perry told supporters at the end of his first full day campaigning in Iowa that he wasn't a big fan of the head of the Fed, and suggested that Texans would probably beat Bernanke up if he prints anymore money before the next election.

“If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas. Printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treasonous in my opinion.”

As TP points out, the punishment for treason is capitol punishment. Therefore, as Gawker's Max Read puts it, "Rick Perry Wants to Execute Ben Bernanke." ABC News has an expanded answer, with a little more economic analysis and fewer physical threats, as pointed out by Politico's Maggie Habberman.

“We’ve already tried this. All it’s going to be doing is devaluing the dollar in your pocket and we cannot afford that. We have to learn the lessons of the past three years that they’ve been devastating. The President of the United States has conducted an experiment on the American economy for almost the last three years, and it has gone tragically wrong and we need to send him a clear message in November of 2012 that new leadership is coming.”

From Politico:
White House hits Perry for Bernanke 'ugly' comment

ABC News has more from the road with Perry on this topic, where it's clear that neither he nor his aides are walking back the comment.

Rangel: Perry job record 'one step away from slavery'
Rep. Charlie Rangel, ever demure, had some choice and unprompted language about Rick Perry's job creation record in Texas, the New York Observer's Azi Paybarah reports.

Bushies slam Perry's Bernanke comment

Rick Perry’s attack on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has drawn a sharp round of rebukes from former Bush administration officials, starting with known Perry skeptic Karl Rove.

An 'inconsequential' Washington?
Whatever Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s political fate, he has already carved a niche in history with his first appearance as a presidential contender. He offered up the single most galvanizing sentence in any announcement speech.

“I’ll promise you this,” Perry said. “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.” [Emphasis mine. - F.G.]

Amen to that, brother.

Lowry: Dems will brand Perry as 'dimwitted, heartless neo-Confederate'
The editor of National Review warns that Rick Perry will become an "object of derision for self-appointed cultural sophisticates."

And from FoxNation [via Free Republic] comes evidence that Gov. Perry is the worst type of monster: An anti-babykilling gun owner.

Press Asks Perry ... Are You Packing Heat?

Posted on Monday, August 15, 2011 5:52:30 PM by JesseWatters

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a leading advocate of gun rights who likes to boast of having dispatched a coyote on a recent jog, so I asked him during today's walking press conference at the Iowa State Fair whether he was armed. "I never comment on whether I'm carrying a handgun or not," he said. "That's why it's called concealed." (If he was armed, he could have found himself in hot water with the state police over a ban at the fair that has rankled some local gun groups.) Perry's appearance at the fair, where he challenged reporters on whether they were "tough" enough to walk with him, chomped on meat and a hard-boiled egg and struck rugged poses was a well-staged political triumph.

(Excerpt) Read more at nation.foxnews.com ...

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