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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dumbass Sports Idea of the Day.

From The Jackson Citizen Patriot:

Ohio high school football coaches plan to honor Jim Tressel first week of season

It seems crime does pay after all.

An Ohio high school football coach is trying to rally support for ousted Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel.

Jim McQuaide, coach at Solon (Ohio) High School, plans to have Ohio’s prep coaches sport a white shirt and tie the first game of next season as a gesture of solidarity for Tressel, according to USA Today.

Irrelevant Digression of the Day: Remember how Lewis on The Drew Carrie Show used to wear a Solon Wrestling t-shirt?

According to the paper, McQuaide’s proposal was unanimously adopted last week by the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association.

McQuaide had this to say about the plan:
"(Tressel’s) been a tremendous advocate for our coaches association and for high school football in our state. This is just to say thanks for what he did for us and our students for many years. It's not my place or our association's place to say if he was right or wrong for what he did at Ohio State. This is just looking at what he did for high school football in our state."

Tressel was forced to resign his post last month after email correspondence indicated he violated NCAA regulations by withholding information about a gifts-for-memorabilia scandal that involved several current and former Buckeyes players.

Ohio State promoted Luke Fickell to interim head football coach to replace Tressel, although Fickell said recently the interim tag had been removed. The school still is expected to conduct a coaching search following this season.

Michigan will host Fickell and the Buckeyes on Nov. 26.

It was revealed last week Tressel received an “unacceptable” rating on performance evaluations when it came to self-reporting possible NCAA violations.

Not all Ohio coaches are on board with the plan to honor Tressel.

St. Xavier High (Cincinnati) football coach Steve Specht, who has worn sweater vests on the sideline, said this to USA Today:

"He's as quality a human being as anyone I've met, but my only question is, what are we honoring here? We've had a lot of great coaches that have come through here, and we've never honored anybody by wearing a shirt and tie. It's not as if he passed away. He's done a lot for high school football in Ohio, but there have been a lot of coaches who have done a lot, and we didn't honor any of those guys."

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