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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Definitely not a Book of the Day selection.

I'm only posting this because of Citizen Garrow's last paragraph. It illustrates how left-fascist racism reinforces self-destructive behavior and destroys lives. [Not to mention producing even more rabidly left-fascist children.]

From The Denver Post:

Book review: "The Other Barack" by Sally H. Jacobs

Reviewed by David J. Garrow of Washington's other newspaper

Barack Obama Sr. may have married four times, but the most important woman in his sadly troubled life was a middle-aged American literacy teacher, Elizabeth "Betty" Mooney, who hired the young Kenyan as her Nairobi secretary in 1958 and soon sponsored — and helped fund — his dream of attending college in the United States.

Sally Jacobs, a reporter for the Boston Globe, has far outstretched all previous journalists in unearthing an impressive array of new information about the senior Obama's life. "The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father" (PublicAffairs) paints an even more dramatically downbeat portrait than did Obama's namesake son 16 years ago in "Dreams From My Father."

Indeed, it is such a painfully disheartening narrative that some interested readers — and certainly one in particular — should avoid Jacobs' tragic account.

When Obama flew to Hawaii in August 1959, he left behind a young Kenyan wife pregnant with their second child. In the fall of his second year of school, hardly six weeks had elapsed before one new classmate, 17-year-old Stanley Ann Dunham, became pregnant with their child.

The university's foreign-student adviser told U.S. immigration agents, who took an active interest in students whose visas required annual renewal, that she had cautioned the married Kenyan about his dating habits.

When Obama informed the adviser in April 1961 that he and Dunham had married two months earlier, he also claimed that he had divorced his Kenyan wife. The adviser told the immigration agency that she was dubious of that claim and that Obama also told her that "although they were married they do not live together and Miss Dunham is making arrangements with the Salvation Army to give the baby away."

That sentence is redacted in the copy of the senior Obama's immigration file viewable on the Web.

No other evidence suggests that Ann Dunham actually considered giving her firstborn child away. Within weeks of Barack Jr.'s birth, Dunham and the baby left Honolulu for her previous hometown, Seattle, leaving behind the husband with whom she had never lived.

Obama senior's admission to Harvard's Ph.D. program in economics attested to his academic success in Hawaii, but once again, his freewheeling personal life attracted official criticism.

A Unitarian minister complained to U.S. immigration officials that senior Obama was intimately involved with a young Kenyan woman attending a Boston area high school, and after two years, Harvard's international-student adviser told immigration agents that the university did not want Obama's visa to be extended for a third year.

Harvard's action — expressly motivated by animus toward his personal conduct, and with no academic rationale — forced the graduate student to return to Kenya with only a master's degree.

Within weeks of Obama's departure for Nairobi, his newest girlfriend, 27-year-old Ruth Baker, got on a plane to follow him. They married four months later, and the following year, Ruth met Obama's first wife, Kezia, in a Nairobi hospital after Obama Sr.'s drunken driving left a young friend dead and Obama with two broken legs.

Ruth Obama Ndesandjo is the book's most compelling and memorable source. "The Other Barack" narrates a series of increasingly violent, drunken assaults that culminated with the senior Obama putting a knife to her neck.

"I did not think he would really kill me. He was a bluffer," Ruth explained. Only when Obama struck one of their two young sons did she finally leave him.

Obama stumbled in and out of several midrank government jobs before killing himself in his umpteenth drunken car crash in November 1982. By then he was living with a fourth wife, or wife-to-be, a 20-year-old woman who had given birth to his youngest child six months earlier.

The great promise and energy that Betty Mooney had seen in him a quarter-century earlier was long spent. But had white antipathy toward his unrestrained personal life not shattered Obama's dream of a Harvard Ph.D., whiskey might not have derailed a brilliant alcoholic from a life of far greater length and achievement. [Emphasis mine. - F.G.]

Kiddies, stay far away from people who write sentences like that and people for whom those sentences make perfect sense.

What about the women who allowed the fool [Obama the Elder in this case] to treat them like inflatable sex toys? [I'm being charitable. I was going to type "treat them like Kleenexes".] How stupid and full of self-loathing were they?

Or was it as simple as "I'm going to show Mummy and Daddy by copulating with this Kenyan guy!"?

Either way, it is no surprise The Jug-Eared One turned out as vile and ignorant as he did. I hope I'm dead before he hand over the reins to his girls. Madame Defarge ain't got nothin' on them.

[Jeepers! I just realized how racist that reads. They probably didn't have Kleenexes in Kenya back in the day. They probably didn't even have generic store brand facial tissues. My humblest appy-polly-loggies. They allowed Obama pere to treat them like some random indigenous leaf.]

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