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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Whither Pakistan?

The Washington Times: Pakistan's moves may aid militants

President Pervez Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule has so alienated Pakistan's moderate middle class that many analysts fear he has created a power vacuum that will allow militant Islamists to flourish.

Pakistani police continued arresting opponents yesterday, adding to thousands of lawyers, human rights activists and campaigners for "civil society" who have been jailed since Gen. Musharraf suspended the constitution on Saturday.

Almost unnoticed in the domestic and international furor after the move was a prisoner exchange reported Sunday, in which 25 extremists were swapped for nearly 200 soldiers captured months ago in the tribal region of Waziristan.

"If indeed the reason for his virtual martial law was to fight extremism and terrorism, then he is not likely to rid Pakistan of it," said Naseem Zehra, a popular commentator and newspaper columnist.

Ayaz Amir, a political analyst, said Gen. Musharraf had a "good vision" but emergency rule highlights his government's biggest weakness.

"It is accountable to no one. There are no checks and balances," he said in a telephone interview from Washington.

"To face the challenge of extremism and terrorism, you've got to have the support of moderate and secular forces who have always opposed the Taliban. Now they are disaffected," Mr. Amir said. "This is no way to run a country."

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