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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Fyodor explains that fake news is nothing new.

Actually, it is the norm and always has been.

First, find below my thoughts on "objective journalism".

Second, some links to articles about the history of American journalism that no one alive today knows anything about because it happened before they were born. 

Last, I offer the most horrific fake news ever, the story of Walter Duranty's cover-up of Stalin's Ukrainian genocide, which won the bastard the Pulitzer Prize.

The conceit of modern journalists and scholars is that in the olden days newspeople were partisan and biased, skewing their writing to advance their political agenda or that of their employers. Then, the 20th century arrived, and magically, so did "objective journalism" which was the rule until Rash Dimbulb and Fox News appeared and started spewing right-wing "propaganda" while calling it news. And that made the lumpenproletariat vote for Orange Clump.

What miracle occurred in the early 20th century to change partisan yellow journalism into a crusading force for truth, justice, light, and niceness?


Not a single, solitary thing.

There was no change whatsoever. "Objective journalism" was invented to protect journalists from anyone who dared question their fairness and objectivity. Anyone who did so was shouted down as a crank or an un-American fascist. "How dare you question the integrity if the Press, sir? We are the defenders of freedom. We are the First Amendment incarnate!"

Today, the progeny and heirs of this 20th century fairy tale fear they have lost control of the "narrative" and with it, the lumpenproletariat. (Defined as anyone too stupid and/or evil to agree with them.) These citizens don't like where the fairy tale peddlers are leading them and therefore choose to listen to sources they like. Same as it ever was. In other words, there is now an "anti-Establishment press" press.

Make no mistake, kiddies, the media is an Establishment in and of itself. It has a philosophy, an ideology, and interests it promotes and defends at all costs. These can be summed up in one word - power. Grasping it, consolidating it, getting more of it, and destroying any person or institution that threatens it's power are the priorities of any Establishment or elite.

If you believe the fairy tale (or lie, or, dare I type it, fake news) of the creation of "objective journalism" out of the morass that was 18th and 19th century partisan journalism, you are most likely someone who supports the Establishment media and it's political and social agenda. Of course, such a person would also vehemently deny their biases and constantly repeat the fairy tale verbatim.

I am posting this in the (probably) vain hope that some folks may ask themselves if it is possible they too suffer from "confirmation bias".

The Fall and Rise of Partisan Journalism – Center for Journalism Ethics

History of American newspapers - Wikipedia

Partisan politics? Take a look at the 19th century - The Boston Globe

Media bias is nothing new. - The Washington Post

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