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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

How Orange Clump & The Establishfucks lost Alabama...

...when they could have run a criminally insane liar and thief with an "R" behind his name (Hey, wait just a minute...that sounds eerily familiar...) and won handily.

Clump: 'I Said Roy Moore Will Not Be Able to Win' in Alabama - The Old Gray Whore...

From Washington's other other newspaper:

Roy Moore tested white evangelical allegiance to the Repansycan Party...

From The Daily Bust:

'I Think Bannon Made an Ass of Himself': Republicans Rejoice...

Kiddies, let me cut through all the crap from both groups of fascists, left and right.

1) The Orange Genius made Senator (hint, hint) Sessions AG while playing politics. (payback for Sessions being the first big-name pol to endorse it.) Hubris, as always with this clown, was also a factor(believing it is a political genius and nobody it backs could lose in a state it won by landslide)

2) Mo Brooks was the Real Conservative in the primary. Clump, the Clumpskyites, McConnell, and The Establishfucks whacked him in favor of the Repansycan Establishfuck Luther Stranglove (though his love is not as strange as ol' Roy Moore's) and Alabamians said NO and picked Moore, a vile heretic who has been wrapping himself in The Ten Commandments for decades while ignoring most of them.

3) Then there is the NAPZI Party's favorite trans gal, @GermaineGreerInDrag. This dumb cow charged all over Alabama, spreading methane and her faux-populism, which is nothing more than a power-mad ego trip from an ignorant nobody trapped in a donated armadillo penis.

P.S. God bless the 22,000 Alabamians who wrote in "NONE OF THE ABOVE MOTHERFUCKERS", giving a giant Bronx (Birmingham?) cheer to the Repansycan right-fascist sex pervert and the Democrass left-fascist baby-eater.

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