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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

#MeToo: The end of the Fuckual (pronounced fuck-u-all) Revolution or just politics as usual?

For several generations we have been led to believe (admittedly by leftist assholes, for the most part) that only repressed Christians go around raping and assaulting women & kids because they believe they think they have the absolute right to do it...

And then, suddenly, left-fascist sugar-daddy Harvey Weinstein was fair game. Did the fascist left grow a conscience and a spine simultaneously or are they just pulling a Stalin and eating their own to make way for a new generation of totalitarians? I'm not sure, but if my kids wanted to be actors or an actresses, I'd make sure they knew how to kill to protect themselves. 

That's actually good advice for all kiddies of all ages.

Then Kevin Spacey admitted ass-raping a 14 year-old boy...


...but he was drunk, so that makes it understandable. When will the nice homosexuals come out (sorry) in favor of a return to Prohibition and the death penalty for drug dealers? I can't wait.

Of course, the professional sodomites were horrified - not because one of their own pulled a Sandusky on a little boy ("I'll bet he was sooooo cute!") but because La Spacey ('cuz he might only be a top when it comes to little boys) took the occasion of his kinda sorta confession to proclaim his enthusiasm for non-Euclidean sex. What a P.R. nightmare for Big Buggery! 

Yes, you heard it here last, kiddies: Kevin Spacey is "gay". Funny, but I seriously doubts he's at all happy.

Of course, all this is speculation, just like the allegations against Roy Moore...


Anyhoo, here is a partial list of the alleged pervs to date. I'm sure there will be more to come. (With apologies to Louis CK. Seriously, dude, female comics? Aren't they all lesbians? You'll know this shit has reached critical mass when some chick accuses Ellen of waving a strap-on at her.)...

Some Guy from New Republic magazine (nobody knew that rag still existed, so he's probably safe & Michael Oreskes of NPR & Brett Ratner & Dustin Hoffman & Jeremy Piven & Charlie Sheen (maybe raped Corey Haim - I'll bet his reputation as an Ultra-Perv will let him skate) & Mariah Carey (eewwww!) harassed a male assistant & Jeffery Tambor (double eewwww!) & Louis CK (jerks off in front of comediennes)...

I'll bet King Goober II, the "husband" of Distaff Clump, is damn glad he was impeached before Twitter became a thing or he might not have been able to rape all those fat white chicks with low self-esteem he "loves" so much. 

If you think left-fascist womyn will start attacking ol' Goober II and his "wife" the enabler...


 FASCISTS ONLY CARE ABOUT THEIR GOD, POWER. Celebrities and rich morons can always be replaced, but one of their own with real political power? HE'S untouchable.

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