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Thursday, August 24, 2017

What's Heap Big Lying Squaw been up to?

From the rag produced by Fake Conservative and kinda-iffy Catholic Sauron Ingraham comes word that the fascist left's new favorite cow is more than a teensy bit hypocritical.

Elizabeth Warren Uses Legal Loophole to Raise Big Cash | LifeZette

Here's the gist of it, kiddies:

...Brendan Fischer, director of federal and FEC reform at the Campaign Legal Center, said 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took advantage of the same perfectly legal mechanism to merge her campaign committee with the Democratic National Committee and several state party committees to form a fundraising juggernaut. A single donor could dump $350,000 into the Hillary Victory Fund.

In theory, Fischer said, such an arrangement allows a better-known candidate to help party organizations and less-known candidates raise money from a marquee name headlining joint fundraising events.

"What happened in most cases is, the money was transferred back to the DNC, and the money was used to help Clinton," he said.

In the case of the Elizabeth Warren Action Fund, campaign finance records show that almost all of the money raised in the first half the year — more than $1 million — went back into Warren's campaign...

The game is rigged by the One Party. No matter who you vote for, the fascists get in.

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