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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jonah Goldberg is a Real Conservative. He better watch his back.

I shall give the Orange Menace credit for one thing. It has made it easier for decent folks to recognize the nazis and the commies among us.

Goldberg: No room for alt-right in GOP - Opinion - Journal Star - Peoria ...

Last year around this time, I was arguing with fellow conservatives about the insanity of finding any common cause with the so-called alt-right.

The issue wasn’t that every avowed nationalist who claimed membership in the alt-right was a Nazi or Klansman. It was that the alt-right was open to Nazis and Klansmen.

Right-wing cynics, hucksters and opportunists deliberately blurred these distinctions in the name of a right-wing popular front. Steve Bannon, now a White House consigliere, is by most accounts not a bigot. But when he ran Breitbart.com, he had no problem making it a “platform” for the alt-right.
Internet entertainer Milo Yiannopoulos was a Breitbart star for his defenses of the alt-right and its supposedly hilarious Holocaust jokes. He was only let go when it was revealed he was equally broad-minded about pedophilia as about Nazism.

In Bannon’s case, and for so many on the Right, the motivation wasn’t racism or anti-Semitism; it was the need to win at all costs.

Win what? Well, that varied. At first it was the war on the “establishment.” Ultimately it was the fight to get Donald Trump the nomination and the presidency.

In case you kids hadn't noticed, Orange Clump is The Establishment.

As the primaries wound down, the imperative for unity intensified. Why look under rocks when you can use them as stepping stones to victory? Besides, Trump was making it as clear as possible that he welcomed support and praise from any quarter.

The Right’s game of footsie with the alt-right ostensibly ended when Trump won. Bannon disavowed them once he made it to the White House. Like France after the liberation, everyone was a member of the resistance, nobody a collaborator. At least, that is, until Saturday, when the president invited speculation that the old popular front is still operational.

Whatever its status at the White House, the alt-right thinks it will replace the traditional Right. It won’t, for the simple reason that the vast, overwhelming majority of conservatives are patriotic and decent, like Americans generally. They want nothing to do with people who would overthrow the Constitution and set up racial Bantustans.

The real threat to traditional conservatism is the mindset that made it possible to form even a theoretical alliance with the alt-right in the first place: the idea that winning and fighting are self-justifying.

Over the last decade, many on the Right convinced themselves the real problem with conservatism is a lack of will. They quote left-wing activist Saul Alinsky and claim that “we” have to be like “them” by doing whatever is necessary to “win.”

During the campaign, when Trump attacked the ethnicity of an American judge or the parents of a fallen Muslim U.S. soldier, the response from his defenders was usually, “At least he fights!”

Fight? The Mess-iahdent is the biggest pansy to be elected president since Woody "No Wood" Wilson. It buys its undies where Marv Albert shops. (See Deadspin's The Comeback Pig: Marv Albert, And How To Survive Any Sex Scandal)

Such amorality was warranted, many explained, because if Clinton had won, America would be “over.” National security official Michael Anton dubbed it a “Flight 93 election,” arguing that conservatives must do anything for victory or accept certain death. In an interview with New York magazine, he went further. “If we must have Caesar,” Anton said, “who do you want him to be? One of theirs? Or one of yours?”

The election is over. Yet that spirit not only endures, it has intensified. Trump’s conservative critics, or “apostates” as Conrad Black calls us, face the same ultimatum. “The choice, for sane conservatives,” Black writes, “is Trump or national disaster.” The upshot is that the test for “sane” conservatives is loyalty to the president, not to any body of ideas/ideals. Even  truth takes a back seat.
I’d point out that such thinking could invite the worst, most opportunistic creatures to infiltrate the movement. Except they already have.

I don't know who the heck Conrad Blackhead is, but he's obviously a cretin. Even Jonah doesn't get it. AmeriKKKa is over. It is time to head into the catacombs to let the fascist right and the fascist left slaughter each other.

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