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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The fascist Total State once again thinks it has beaten Love by pretending to BE Love.

The retroactive abortion of Charlie Gard by the illegitimate government of the sick British sodomites continues apace.

Congrats to fascism for proving it can browbeat the parents into acquiescing to the murder of their precious son, Charlie.

None dare call it state-sponsored terrorism!

Judge: Baby Charlie Gard will end life in hospice, not home - Washington's other other newspaper 

I know for a fact Charlie will soon be in the arms of his Creator, his Savior, and his Comforter. The same result is doubtful for the rest of us,

Critically ill baby Charlie Gard will be transferred to a hospice and taken off life support unless his parents and a hospital agree on a plan that could potentially keep the child alive for a bit longer, a British judge ruled Wednesday.

Let's be perfectly clear, kiddies. In this case, "hospice" actually means "You can't take your child home because you might take the opportunity to try and escape the Paradise we have built for the three of you."

High Court judge Nicholas Francis gave 11-month-old Charlie’s parents and the hospital that has been treating him until noon Thursday to come to terms on an end-of-life care plan for the infant’s final hours or days.

What if Charlie's parents decided to shoot him in the head to "prevent further suffering"? I have no doubt they would be lauded for their compassion, because death is the logical solution ALL totalitarians eventually choose for people like Charlie...and all their other "problems".

Oh, right. No guns in the United Pansydom.  (Coincidence? I think not.)

The baby suffers from a rare genetic disease, mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which has caused brain damage and left him unable to breathe unaided. Recent tests found Charlie has irreversible muscular damage.

“It is in Charlie’s best interests
* (Emphasis mine. - F.G.) to be moved to a hospice and for him at that point to be moved to a palliative care regime only,” the judge said as a medical and legal battle that has drawn international attention nears a wrenching conclusion.

*That, in a blood-soaked nutshell, is the conceit of fascism, nazism, communism, materialism, power-madness, government, false religion, humanism, et cetera. These ideologies have absolutely no idea what Charlie's best interests are. They cannot. They do not love him. It is impossible for any system to love. It should worry you greatly that all of them claim to love you.

The parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, spent months trying to persuade Great Ormond Street Hospital to let Charlie go to the United States for experimental treatment. They gave up their fight on Monday, acknowledging that the window of opportunity to help him had closed.

On Tuesday, they said they hoped to bring their son, whose 1st birthday is next week, home to die. Francis said Charlie’s mother and father now accept that the only options for their son “are the hospital or the hospice.”

The Thursday deadline is meant to yield a plan for what happens after the baby is transferred to a hospice. The parents want him kept on his ventilator for a time. The hospital, in fighting the parents’ earlier effort to secure experimental treatment, had indicated that it was responsible for sparing Charlie unnecessary pain.

Francis said if the parties do not reach an agreement, Charlie will be taken to hospice and the ventilation system keeping him alive will be turned off. He issued an order barring publication of the name of the hospice and the date when Charlie is taken there.

The judge said it was a “very, very sad conclusion.”

So will be your eternity in Hell, you son of a whore. May God have mercy on you, Judge Francis, and all the other willing conspirators in Charlie's murder.

Charlie’s mother left the courtroom in distress before the judge gave his ruling.

“What if it was your child?” Yates said amid sobs. As she left, she said: “I hope you are happy with yourselves.”

Please pray for this poor woman. She knows what Love and its opposite, Power, look like.

In conceding that Charlie would leave the hospital for a hospice instead of home, Yates requested a medical team of her choosing that would work to keep her son alive for a week. He is not expected to survive for more than a few hours once his ventilator is removed.


The request indicated that the parents had backed away from their earlier expressed wish to take Charlie home for “a few days of tranquility” before his ventilator was disconnected and he was allowed to “slip away.”

Great Ormond Street Hospital said it was not practical to provide life-support treatment for days at the couple’s home. Nurses from the hospital nonetheless have volunteered to care for him in his final hours.

Someone should create a graphic novel about Charlie Gard in which the CIA kidnaps him, takes him to a secret lab, saves his life and gives him super powers. When he grows up, he refuses to obey the power-mad evildoers, escapes, and becomes a freedom fighter who travels the world (accompanied by a group of others deemed unfit to live by their moral and intellectual superiors) butchering without mercy all those who prey upon the innocent.

I'll bet that Super Hero won't have any second thoughts about the justice of his calling.

The parents’ cause caught the attention of U.S. President Donald Trump and Pope Francis and also garnered widespread grassroots support. U.S.-based anti-abortion activists have flown to London to support Charlie’s parents.

The case has become the catalyst for discussions on health care funding, medical intervention, the role of the state and the rights of the child.

The heated commentary has prompted the judge to criticize the effects of social media and those “who know almost nothing about this case but who feel entitled to express opinions.”

I hope this fascist fuck of a judge has the plug pulled on him one of these days...

Thanks to moral cretins like him, there won't be anyone left who gives a damn about his screams for help.

Make no mistake, kiddies. Charlie Gard's blood is on all of our hands. We have made this possible by not giving a damn about anything but our wallets, our stomachs and our genitalia for too damn long. That's right. Indifference is fascism too.

May God have mercy on all our souls as well, we who live in what once was the Christian West.

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