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Friday, May 19, 2017

So, Shep Smith's a homosexual, Roger Ailes is dead, and Bob Beckel got fired for being a racist. Sounds like just another day at Fox News.

I like to call Fox News the "conservative from the waist up network". All we needed was another sexual harassment charge today and it would be one of those increasingly common Gargantufectas of perversion.

Of course, Rash Dimbulb is sticking up for poor old Roger, who fell in his bathtub and bled to death internally. Why wouldn't he? He and Ailes made each other millions and every Fake Conservative (including those whose" principles" don't seep below their belts) knows that money is thicker than morality.

La Dimbulb is still on his "establishment" rant and it appears he will continue it until it stops making him wads of cash.

Do you know what "THE ESTABLISHMENT" is, kiddies? No, it isn't the rich and powerful. It is not the super-smart and the beautiful. It is not even those who consider themselves our moral and intellectual superiors.

I figured it out by considering what all our overlords have in common. I was tempted to say "FASCISM!" but I had to admit many of our betters are indeed apolitical. Some are left and some are right. Many of them hate each other. (Or do they just appear to in order to fool us rubes?) They are white, black, yellow, and mixed. Some are "gay" (but not happy) and some are straight. Many are crooked. Some are "born again". Some are atheists. All are sinners, of course, but that doesn't narrow it down at all because we all are.

What do Ailes, Dimbulb, Spill Clinton, and Anthony Weiner (just to name a few disparate "leaders" of our times) have in common?


It is our ancient enemy DISORDERED SEXUAL DESIRE!

Why do Repansycans only pay lip service to ending abortion and cave to homosexual pressure groups so easily? Why don't Democrasses do anything to really protect women? Why do they all want to fuck underage boys and girls?


Not sexual intercourse, kiddies, but fucking. Not the glorious gift of God that brings beautiful new souls to the world. Nope. Just fucking. Getting one's rocks off. Blowing one's load. Literally, orgasm über alles.

How many "wives" has Dimbulb had? How many children? How many fat white chicks with low self-esteem did Clinton rape? How many women had to fight off Ailes and O'Reilly? Whither Weiner's wiener? And how could I forget A Cockjerk Orange now winging its way to the Land of Saud with its latest "wife" in tow?

And this is a very small list of the putatively heterosexual ones. The mind boggles.

Why? Because orgasms are fun and they are good and they don't hurt anybody. (Except when they do, of course, but we aren't allowed to talk about that.)

And, of course, EVERYONE knows ORGASM = LOVE!

You didn't know fucking had a PAC and it's called THE ESTABLISHMENT?

Take a look around you, kiddies. See the lives destroyed by infidelity, adultery, fornication, abortion, single-parent homes, kids abused by "parents" who aren't related to them, the genocide of abortion, divorce because she's old now and I can afford to pay her off and get a younger "wife", pornography, the sex trade, widespread impotence due to chronic masturbation, and last but not least, a murder-suicide epidemic because "She said she loved me and now she wants to fuck somebody else? I'll show that bitch and her little brats and her boyfriend what a real man is!"

So endeth the rant for today, kiddies. But that does not mean it is going away.

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

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