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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Real Marines fight back!

Yes, the dicks that called themselves "Marines United" are assholes. Everybody knows that. But seriously, ladies, if you can't keep your damn clothes on, don't be stupid enough to allow anyone to photograph you. [If you are so desperate for attention that you are in the naked selfie business, I'm afraid I'm going to have to go all old school Ann Landers on your asses: "Seek professional help."] Yes, boys are weird, even the ones who claim to love you.

This also applies to ALL you non-Marine females as well. Remember what Zardoz says:

With Their Leaders at a Loss, Marine Veterans Fight Abusers

As a Marine infantry sergeant, James LaPorta once led an intelligence team in Afghanistan. Now, as a private citizen, he is doggedly tracking the moves of an online group that has been secretly compiling and sharing nude photos of hundreds of women in the Marine Corps.

With top generals admitting before Congress that they are unsure how to protect members of the Marine Corps from nameless, faceless social-media “predators,” Mr. LaPorta is among an unlikely scattering of can-do young veterans who have decided to take that assignment upon themselves.

He and his comrades in online vigilance have been gathering intelligence and making counterstrikes, tracking the members of illicit groups, including Marines United, as they try to hide, and stripping away the anonymity that has allowed the group to thrive. They are also feeding information back to Marine Corps investigators.

“The Marines’ response is to be careful and slow, but the people they are after move very fast,” Mr. LaPorta said. “If you want to catch them, you have to move at their speed.”

Indeed, Marine Corps leaders have resorted to traditional moves, commissioning a task force and mounting a meticulous investigation. But the commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert B. Neller, frankly admitted to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the nude-photo scandal was a cultural problem he was ill-prepared to address.

“There is a risk I cannot protect people on social media,” General Neller said.

It is certainly not easy: Marines United, which consists of thousands of active-duty and veteran Marines, has hopped from Facebook page to Facebook page, changing its name each time it gets shut down, while still trading illicit photos and taunting federal investigators.

“The Marine Corps thought because they shut a Facebook page down, the group was dead,” said Mr. LaPorta, 30, who left the Marines in 2014. “We had to show them it was just metastasizing into other back rooms.”

Mr. LaPorta and other veterans trying to fight groups like Marines United have been deluged with online harassment themselves. Other Marines have called them traitors and threatened them with violence, but they have pressed on in what they see as a battle for the future of the Corps.
“The Marine Corps can’t do this alone. The internet is too huge,” Mr. LaPorta said. “We need to police ourselves.”

They say the fight is up to them in part because trying to get Marine Corps leaders, who are often near retirement, to recognize and address the power of social media in the military is as slow and frustrating as teaching an aging parent to set up a new laptop.

Still fighting the last war, gentlemen?

“There is a disconnect between the upper echelon and a digital millennial generation,” said Thomas Brennan, 31, a former Marine sergeant who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and revealed the existence of Marines United this month.

Mr. Brennan said he was frustrated by what he saw as a slow and outdated response, as commanders convene a task force made up largely of older, high-ranking Marines and put out new social media policies that will be ignored or ridiculed online.

“I almost feel like they didn’t want to admit this stuff existed,” Mr. Brennan said. “And when we forced them to, they were caught off guard.”

Earlier this week, Representative Jackie Speier, Democrat of California, announced that investigators had identified 700 active-duty Marines and 150 Marines in the Reserve who were involved in the Marines United group.

For several years, the Marine Corps has known of web pages where Marines shared racist and sexist memes, as well as photos of female Marines posted without their consent. Despite a number of public reports, the Corps has failed to crack down on the sites.

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