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Thursday, July 07, 2016

The summer doldrums continue apace. [Damn, I miss those zombie stories.]

Ack! I can't believe I feel compelled to notice the NBA for a second day in a row. but now the same idiots are whining about Dwayne Wade leaving Miami.

Look, kiddies, sport is a business. Even big-time college sports is a business. If you don't understand that, you are either a dumbass, are under thirteen years of age, or you work in "sports media".

If Mr. Wade wants to go elsewhere for more money, that's ok. It is up to him. If he would have stayed in Miami so he could finish out his career with just one team, that would be just as ok. He's a grown man making a business decision. Sentiment has nothing to do with it.

Speaking of which, what exactly does staying in one town for your whole life get you?  If you're lucky you get to open a steak house or a car dealership with your name on it. 

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