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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Really? Pokemon Go is your first clue that we're in trouble?

I heard a guy on the radio bitching and moaning about millennial "adults" playing Pokémon Go yesterday. He's one of my peeps, a Baby Boomer, and boy was he pissed.

He needs to take another look at his own generation:

Who spends billions dressing up on Halloween? Boomers do.

Who spends billions treating dogs and cats like kids? Boomers do.

Who spends billions on porn making the Internet a cesspool? Boomers do.

Who gave us Dumbo The Presiphant* as well as Clump [The Orange Half] and Clump [The Distaff Half]? Yep, Boomers.
*An Asian presiphant, of course. An African presiphant would be racist.

I could go on for years cataloging the corruption, decadence, ignorance, narcissism, and stupidity of people my age...wait a minute...that's exactly what I've been doing!

World War II took something out of America, just as the First World War robbed something from Europe. I have given it much thought over the years and I think I have finally discovered what it is. Not innocence. Not nerve. It is faith we have lost.

I often return to this quote from Marilyn Barnewall that first got me wondering what the heck is wrong with my generation:

"I believe one major reason a lot of American kids became unmanageable brats and teenagers in the 1960s came from battle-wearied soldiers standing on Europe's shores. They awaited a ship to take them home after the WWII. They were so grateful to be going home alive, so grateful for the families or future families awaiting them, they made a promise:'My kids are never going to have a tough life like the one I've just lived. Things are going to be better for them.' Unfortunately...they made life too easy for their children. It resulted in unchallenged kids, insecure, undisciplined youths. Kids need to be challenged. The only way to gain self-respect and a sense of self-reliance is to take a chance. ... We created a risk-free society so our kids didn't have the chance to face challenges. By doing so, we removed their opportunity to develop character -- and now we don't like the lack of character. We want them to be people we can trust. It is because our kids have had the chance to develop character removed from them that a large majority believe it is okay to cheat. That is our legacy to America's youth. How sad! Someone ought to give the senior citizens who thought sixties' escapism into drugs was cool -- the people who caused this problem -- a good spanking!"

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