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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fyodor defines the word "abortion" for the kiddies.

You might think you know what an abortion is, but you don't. You especially don't if you think it is a women's health procedure. Pay attention, kiddies, and you might just stop being a dumbass.

An abortion usually happens when a man refuses to be responsible with his penis and impregnates someone he shouldn't, like his secretary, an intern, or one of his students. He then uses money to hire a professional babykiller to murder his child with a knife or chemicals and discreetly dispose of the body.

An abortion may also occur when a man refuses to be a responsible husband and convinces his wife they can't afford to have a child but can afford to have it murdered. [See above.]

That is what an abortion really is, kiddies. Consider yourselves educated.

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