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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jack's back, baby, and the bodies they are a droppin'!

 photo 24LiveAnotherDay-jpg.jpg

24 is back on the air kiddies, if only for half a "day". Sadly, it seems Right Wing Nuthouse isn't going to keep a running count of the body bags needed. 

Chloe is back as a goth ex-con Snowden-like traitor [or should that be freedom-fighter?] as is Heller - now the senile US prez along with his now un-catatonic daughter who is married to his power-mad chief of staff [ALWAYS the most accurate part of the show, that].

The hot blonde provides some eye candy as she pursues our hero through London, but the most inspired casting is that of   Let us hope he survives the inevitable carnage to come and gets his own series where he battles mohammedan birthrates and angry sodomites to preserve the Empire.

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