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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Black Widow inches closer to flight...


SEPTEMBER 20, 2012
Pappy Strine, shown here bucking rivets on the P-61 elevator. Luke Jones and Pappy Strine install rivets on the elevator leading edge.

 When the elevator is finally finished the fixture will be modified and reused for rebuilding the wings. One of the drop tanks.

Another one of the drop tanks awaits restoration. Wiring and hydraulics in the right rear of the turret compartment. The fuselage carry thru spars can be seen at right.

The gun compartment showing the two lower 20mm cannons and LH upper gun A view of the cannons.

View of the area behind the instrument panel with the armor plate removed Nose gear wiring to control switches and taxi lights

Gunner's turret control box is mounted on the RH gunners cockpit wall. The landing gear selector handle is mounted left of center on the pilot's sub panel

The flap control handle on the left cockpit wall Bail out bell on LH side between pilot and gunner

Ammeter s and circuit breaker box on RH pilots wall. RH gunners folding armor plate. Cockpit heater is installed in the right rear corner.

Gunners LH folding armor plate. Propeller switch box ready for installation on the left cockpit wall.

he throttle quadrant awaits being strung once the wiring is in place. Mounts for elevator, rudder, and aileron trim wheels. More wiring at the instrument panel. Completed harnesses have cannon plugs installed which are wrapped in plastic.

ilot's instrument panel. The bok to the left contains the main switch panel. Directly in the center is the autopilot rack. The voltage regulator box installed on the bulkhead at the aft end of the gunner's compartment.

RH turret compartment wiring. Once each bundle is complete it will be combed out and laced in place Wiring on the LH turret compartment buss is in process.

Wiring harness inside the lower right fuselage. This is mostly radar wiring. Right hand nose gear door being fitted

Fitting the new leading edge skin to the elevator

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