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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Are you wondering why the left-fascists of the AmericaLast media suddenly have developed a strange new respect for Mittens and have begun to [GASP!] criticize Benito?

I'm guessing they figured their "news" stories about their own polls haven't locked it up for The Community Organizer From The High-Yellow Lagoon, and they don't want to look stupid in November. 

Chris Matthews' MSNBC Meltdown after Presidential Debate 





From ticotimes.net comes the furious backpedaling of the Mel Crapper Jr. of American politics. Watch for G. Wizz's polls to "unexpectedly tighten"...

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins first debate


...“I don’t think there’s any doubt ... that Romney won,” G. Terry Madonna, director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College, who has monitored elections since 1960, told AFP.

A flash poll conducted by CNN bore that out: Adult viewers of the debate – by a 67-25 percent margin – said Romney won.

Similarly, a CBS News instant poll had undecided voters proclaiming Romney the victor by a two-to-one margin.

“The president certainly wasn’t on the top of his game tonight,” Madonna said.

Romney was more aggressive “without being pugnacious or provocative or combative,” hitting the president on his economic record while steadily returning to the theme that a Romney presidency would create more jobs and stimulate faster economic growth than the current administration.

“Was it a huge victory? No. Did the president fall flat on his face? Of course not,” Madonna said.

“But what Romney had to do was get up on the stage, be the aggressor, make his points and instill a sense of confidence among Republicans that he can still win an election ... and I think he accomplished that...”


Sadly, kiddies, modern politics is more like pro wrestling than we care to admit. All of this may merely be a "work". The champ loses a non-title match so he can make a "miraculous" comeback and prove what a great genius and holy man he really is.

From one of Yahoo's biggest yahoos:

Was the first debate a game changer?

Even on the most basic political points, Jeff Greenfield says, Obama seemed clueless.

Here's some comic relief from the Heat Nazis' Führer himself via The Blaze:
Al Gore Actually Blames High Altitude in Denver for Obama’s Debate Performance
"When you go to 5,000 feet and you only have a few hours to adjust -- I don't know."

From Roto-Reuters via Yahoo News:
The words Obama didn't say spoke loudest

The president talked four minutes longer than Romney, but a phrase he left out helped define the debate.

 From AP via Yahoo News:

 Harsh words for Lehrer

 The veteran PBS anchor drew caustic social media reviews for his performance on Wednesday, with critics saying he failed to keep control of the campaign's first direct exchange between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The candidates talked over Lehrer's attempts to keep them to time limitations, and his open-ended questions frequently lacked sharpness.

Instant Translation: He didn't help The Jug-Eared One look like less of a moron.

Romney's strong debate showing puts Europe on edge

Eek! Europe is worried! End our Republic now!

From Yahoo News:

Debates don’t move polls. Debate winners do.
Mitt Romney won the first debate; virtual every snap poll and snap pundit agrees on this point. As the 90-minute debate wore on, the Republican challenger's odds of unseating President Barack Obama rose about 5 percentage points to 31 percent in the Signal's election model, driven by gamblers who dumped the president's stock during and immediately after the faceoff.

 Here are two more courtesy of The Blaze:
AP Fact Check: Here Are Obama & Romney’s Biggest Missteps & Mistruths During Last Night’s Debate
Dejected Ed Schultz & Rachel Maddow Lament Obama’s Debate Performance: ‘I’m Disappointed’

Watch as the fascist left devour their own at Politico.com:

Obama hit with left hook on TV, online

Left-leaning pundits pan his performance.

Obama Supporters Concede Debate Defeat, Romney Heads to Virginia
Obama Heads Wisconsin As Romney Looks To Build On Debate Momentum
- ABC OTUS News via Yahoo! News

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