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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Will Weiner the weiner and his weiner [known henceforth as Tiny Tony] stay in Congress?

I'm joking, of course. In the Pervert Party, what Weiner did is considered cute and clever. His Democrass pals wouldn't force him out even if they found a harem of pubescent Thai transvestites chained in his crawlspace. [Don't you get any ideas, Barney Chokesondick!]

Congressthingee Anthony Weiner admits tweeting lewd photo, and more

The Democratic congressman from New York admits sending a sexually suggestive photo to a college student and inappropriate contact with other women online. He says he won't resign. Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner was a nearly ubiquitous media presence last week, making the rounds of TV news shows to protest his innocence: No, the New York congressman said repeatedly, he did not tweet a sexually ...
- Los Angeles Times

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