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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr. Willard Mitterrand Romney is unfit to be President.

His membership in the psychotic heresy known as mormonism aside, ol' Mitt screwed the pooch this time. He had a perfect opportunity to admit his statist "health care" law was nothing more than big government Repansycanism at its worst. He refused to do so.

He's just another professional politician who should go back to the real world and get a real job.

The corn pone prod hope, Mike Huckabee, decided not to bother and The Newt proved he is living in the past when he attacked the House R's budget plan by calling it "right-wing social engineering". Time to go to confession, dumbass.

The biggest fraud this side of congressthingee Barney ChokesOnDick, Donny Trump, admitted he's nothing but a tv clown and saved our republic quite a bit of embarrassment.

Look for that pitiful non-entity Mitch Daniels of Indiana [the establishment Repansycan fave - call him the next Bush] to enter the race soon.

My Herman Cain/Rick Santorum ticket is looking better than ever.

Mitt Romney’s Health Care Dilemma

Mitt Romney defended his signature universal health care legislation enacted five years ago in Massachusetts but rejected President Obama’s health care reform.
The Epoch Times - May 16 02:53pm

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