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Friday, March 04, 2011

This just in from Virginia: Kids 1 Big Babykilling 0

What could get the babykillers' tails in a twist? Make their "health clinics" meet hospitital standards.


Abortion clinics fear new law could shut them down

Virginia abortion clinics believe a new state law requiring them to meet hospital standards could force some to close, even though several newly-built clinics are designed to meet structural and architectural standards hospitals.
- The Staunton News Leader

After vote, Virginia's abortion clinics face new regulation
The 20-20 vote on Senate Bill 924, which now heads to Gov. Bob McDonnell, represents a significant victory for anti-abortion activists.
- Richmond Times-Dispatch

VA bill a reminder that abortion rights can't defend themselves
A major parliamentary bungle by Virginia Democratic legislators and their abortion-rights supporters.
- Washington Post

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