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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Put down the Tweetpipe! Part 3

Profound ignorance and instant access to the Worldwide InterWeb is a deadly combination, kiddies.

From TheSideWalker.com:

ATL Sports radio types, 680 canned Chad Scott today

680/The Fan’s Chadd Scott said he was fired for Tweets about Delta Air Lines

4:27 pm March 15, 2011, by Rodney Ho

Chadd Scott, who does sports updates for 680/The Fan, said he was fired today for negative Tweets about Delta Air Lines, a major sponsor at the station.

This must happen hundreds of times every day.

The Fan president David Dickey confirmed that Scott has been let go but declined to say why. “He’s a good guy and we wish him well,” he said.

I’ve also checked with Delta Air Lines and am awaiting a response.

Scott, who has worked at 790/The Zone, Colin Cowherd and Michael Savage, complained about a Delta delay Monday in St. Louis on his Twitter page and the fact they didn’t have enough de-icing fluid. Today, he was let go from the Fan, where he does sports updates for the station’s afternoon shows. Here’s a sample Tweet from yesterday: “the bean counter who saved delta a few bucks in st. lou hoping he wouldn’t need more de-icing fluid this year screwed a lot of people today”

He apparently deleted this particular tweet after the fact but someone did save. This is the one that probably got him in trouble because he referenced Buck Belue’s endorsement deal with Delta:

“hey @buckbelue8 ur boys at #delta have botched my travel – & thousands of others – miserably today. may want 2 rethink that endorsement.”
Here are some of Scott’s Tweets today:

I value honesty, openness & your follow-ship. I want 2 inform u I was fired from my radio job Monday for tweets critical of Delta Airlines.

Delta leaned on my station threatening to pull advertising after I tweeted travel difficulties in AM.

While pressure from mutli-billion $ company got me canned, at least I added @deltassist as a Twitter follower. #winning

Hee-hee. Chuckles Sheen reference.

I don’t blame radio station, huge company threatened to pull advertising $$$. I was easy sacrifice.

To prove I can take as good as I give, I’d like 2 applaud myself 4 being fired on an “off day.” #rare Almost Costanza-ish

The message 4 media: companies r monitoring social media, they have 0 sense of humor & will use power 2 silence critics no matter how small

So if you are a radio station looking for someone w/ 10 yrs network & major market experience, or need some yard work done, I’m available.

Google "fired because of Twitter". Go ahead, I dare you.

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