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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's feed government "workers" to the poor!

You know the twenty-seven fat-assed morons it takes to fix a single pothole in your town? [Sure you do - those who got their "jobs" because they're related to somebody in the city sealer's office and keep those "jobs" by supporting The Party Of Blasphemy, Buggery, and 'Bortion.]

Since the price of food is skyrocketing due to the jug-eared Commie-In-Chief turning people food into gasoline and deficit-spending [BTW, did you kiddies know that the "stimulus" money was used to preserve public sector jobs?] the whole world into Weimar-like hyperinflation, poor folks could sure use a protein subsidy.

There is plenty of meat on the bones of those SEIU and AFSCME creeps who have nothing better to do than clog the free toilets of the Wisconsin Assembly [and stand around gazing lovingly at your potholes]. So why don't we butcher 'em, freeze dry 'em, and ship 'em to those third world hellholes the compassionate left loves so much?

Public-employee unions protesting in more states

N.J. - The offensive by Republican governors to tackle the power of public-employee unions sparked new clashes Tuesday as protesters descended on Ohio's capitol and Democratic lawmakers in Indiana fled the state to...
San Francisco Chronicle

Obama’s Intervention in Wisconsin Violates Constitutional Obligations
President Obama ’s intervention in the dispute between Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and public employee unions violates his constitutional obligations to ensure representative democracy in each state and abuses special privileges he enjoys as President.
FOX Business

New poll shows opposition to Wisc.-type bargaining bill - National poll: more voters agree with Wisc ...
With disagreements between Republican-led state governments and public employee unions exploding in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states, a new national poll shows more likely voters agree with Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker than with union workers there. A second poll,...
Dayton Daily News

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