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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Hey, the World Cup is finally over. I think...

Thankfully, the quadrennial snorefest did end sometime after it began earlier this year. I guess...

I know it is hard to believe, but it was actually worse than ever. Tens of thousands of morons blew incessantly into cheap plastic horns [google "vuvuzela + brain damage] so real sports fans couldn't even take part in the best thing about soccer - the two hour in-game nap.

But it got even worse than that. The left-fascist white racist elites shouted down opposition to the dopey horns with charges of...What's the magic word, kiddies? Yes, you guessed it: RACISM. You see, kiddies, good sportsmanship is racist and so is making fun of "African culture".

Only a totalitarian could consider a $2 plastic horn that has been around for only a couple of decades a part of anybody's culture. And only white leftist racists could believe there is such a thing as "African culture". Those of us with brains [and without anti-human political agendas] know Africa has thousands of cultures and lying about that is really racist.

You see, kiddies, lefttards say others are "racist" whenever something they have done screws up the life [or ends it prematurely] of someone whose skin is the shade of...oh, I don't know...Benito Insane Okhrana's or darker. It also comes in handy when they want to intimidate their weak-minded opponents.

Sadly, it does seem to work.

Always remember kiddies: "Minds are like rectums. Don't let anyone screw with yours." [The naughty bits have been changed to protect the innocent.]

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