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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Give that bird a medal.

CBS 11: Homeowner's Parrot Alerts Him To Would-Be Burglar

A northwest Dallas homeowner shot and killed a would-be burglar and it was all because a pet bird said "Hello."

Police said the homeowner's bird may have saved the day by greeting the alleged burglar with "Hello" when the man walked into the back of the house in the 3600 block of Cortez Drive.

The homeowner told police he heard noise in his garage about 1:30 a.m. and checked the home's security cameras. The homeowner heard the bird's greeting and knew something was wrong, police said.

On the surveillance monitor, the homeowner spotted the intruder and called 9-1-1, police said.

He confronted the intruder and during a scuffle, he shot the would-be burglar.

As of Sept. 1, Texas homeowners have right to protect property even if it requires deadly force. Some people call the measure the "castle doctrine," based on the premise a man's home is his castle and that he should have the right to defend it.

Now that is what I call a law!

Police said the red-headed Mexican parrot also greeted them when they entered the house.

Red-headed Mexican guard-parrot. I hope it entered this country legally.

"It's unique. I find it interesting," Det. R. L. Ermatinger with the Dallas Police Department said.

According to the law, the building or vehicle must be occupied at the time for the deadly force provision to apply. Also, the person using force cannot provoke the attacker or be involved in criminal activity at the time. So far, the homeowner does not face charges.

The intruder later died at the hospital.

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