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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Eliot Spitzer is a power-mad poopy head...

WABC-TV: Senate GOP strikes back at Spitzer's illegal immigrant plan

...oh, yeah...he is a traitor, too.

The Senate's Republican majority moved Monday to try to block Gov. Eliot Spitzer's plan to make it easier for illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses.

The bill to reverse Spitzer's order drew some of the most heated and personal attacks seen in years on the state Senate floor, pitting upstate and downstate politicians against each other.

Some white upstate Senators felt they were being called racist and took offense to comments Sen. Kevin Parker made indicating that New York City was more valuable as a terrorist target than upstate regions.

"I'm sorry everybody is so thin skinned they are hurt by my comments, but I have a lot of people in my district and a lot of people in this state who are hurt by this legislation," the Brooklyn Democrat said.

The Senate's license bill, which passed 39 to 19, would require applicants for a driver's license to be in the country legally. Spitzer's plan will end that requirement in December, by no longer requiring a Social Security number to get or renew a license.

The debate was part of an uncertain special session that could include action on pay raises for legislators and judges and tax breaks despite a projected deficit.

Spitzer has said he can start the new policy in December without the Legislature's approval.

"We will change those rules," Spitzer said. "If somebody will challenge it, we'll see what the courts will do." He said he believes his administration is within its legal authority to change the rules.

You see, kiddies, ol' Spitztoon and others who lust for unlimited power over the proletariat are counting on the invaders to vote for them, legally [after the next amnesty] or illegally. Even Repansycans [with a few noble exceptions] are immune to the siren song of new voters who are beholden...

"This governor is so ill advised, there's an arrogance to it that is hard to understand," said Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

The Assembly's Democratic majority has supported the Democratic governor's plan, although some Democrats may side with the opposed Republican minority. The Senate's measure, if passed as expected in that chamber, wouldn't become law without the Assembly's support.

Bruno said the attempt to change the policy on illegal immigrants was unconstitutional, contradicted the REAL ID Act and opposed the guidelines provided by the 911 commission.

After leaving a closed-door conference with Senate Democrats, Spitzer said the discussion was ongoing.

"Reasonable people will disagree on tough issues," Spitzer said. "That's part of the discourse we have ... I think some of the rhetoric that has been imposed and brought into this issue has not only been overheated but I would say counterproductive."

Richard Clarke, the former counterterrorism adviser to three presidents, and William Bratton, the former commissioner of the New York City Police Department have supported the governor's plan.

Republicans argued Spitzer's plan wouldn't help an illegal immigrant get insurance and the roads would be no safer.

"It is conceivable that some insurers will sell an insurance policy absent a social security number, but they would be in the minority," said Michael Barry, vice president of public relations for the Insurance Information Institute.

Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith said he and most of his Democratic caucus support the governor's plan.

"This is the right way to go, given that Washington has failed to act" on illegal immigration, Smith said on the Senate floor.

Meanwhile, the Assembly's minority Republican caucus called on Democrats to help pass legislation with new amendments when they go into session Tuesday. The new items would also prevent Spitzer's plan from going through.

A spokesman for Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Democrats had no comment on how they would vote on the issue if forced to.

A Siena College poll released last week found 72 percent of voters were opposed to "the governor's plan to allow undocumented immigrants to get New York driver's licenses."

Assembly Republican leader James Tedisco of Schenectady said Republicans plan to force a vote on the issue Tuesday, if the Assembly goes into session.

The session came the same day that Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola filed a lawsuit to prevent implementation of the new license policy.

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