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Monday, February 12, 2007

Non-story of the fortnight: Dumbass Pro Athlete Defines Himself By What He Does With His Genitals.

Vallejo Times-Herald: Amaechi passed up his chance
There are millions like John Amaechi.

But so few of them have book deals through ESPN.

If only they did. Then perhaps we could see the real side of being gay. Because that topic has never been covered before.

To call Amaechi courageous is an easy thing to do. He is the first former pro basketball player to publicly come out of the closet and tell the world he is gay. It isn't quite diving into an active volcano to appease the gods, but it might as well be the closest thing we have in this civilized world.

And now, because of Amaechi's bravery, we can cling to him as a role model, a de facto leader for equal rights.

Yeah, we could do that.

Or we could look through his heroics for what they are - a well-timed attempt to sell books with a shocking admittance. That's exactly what this is, right? Is Amaechi clearing a path for gays everywhere? Or is he just making a buck off of his black-sheep status?

Speaking of dumbasses, let's hear from a billionaire who knows sodomy is the new black.

Fox Sports: Report: Cuban also praises Amaechi's decision
The Dallas Mavericks' owner told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for Monday's editions that any NBA player would stand to reap huge financial rewards by simply telling the public that he is a homosexual.

"From a marketing perspective, if you're a player who happens to be gay and you want to be incredibly rich, then you should come out, because it would be the best thing that ever happened to you from a marketing and an endorsement perspective," Cuban told the newspaper. "You would be an absolute hero to more Americans than you can ever possibly be as an athlete, and that'll put money in your pocket."

But Cuban also seems to feel that it could be equally unwise to speak out as a critic of homosexuals.

"On the flip side, if you're the idiot who condemns somebody because they're gay, then you're going to be ostracized, you're going to be picketed and you're going to ruin whatever marketing endorsements you have."

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